Terms and conditions

General conditions

1. Scoopms.com Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") provides access to Electronic Data.
2. Every user must register to acquire full access to the Site's Services.
3. By creating a free account on this Site the Client automatically accepts this Agreement, ignorance of which doesn't exempt the Client from the amenability.
4. The Client has a right to create one account only on the Site. In case of revealing multiple accounts which belong to the same Client they will be deleted without any notice.
5. Unregistered users are limited to viewing the Site and blocked from the use of most of the Services.

Registration on the Site

1. The registration is voluntary and free of charge.
2. The Client is responsible for providing authentic and accurate personal information.
3. The Site Administration, guarantees not to disclose any personal information to any third parties, but reserves the right to use it for contacting the Client in case of need.
4. Every Client has a right to cancel his account on the Site at any time and stop using the Site Services accordingly.

Payment conditions

1. Services are granted to the user on the prepaid basis according to the rates represented in the catalogue.
2. The payment is made from the Client's account on the Site/pay by using mobile money/Visa.
3. Payment are made and effected before instance access is granted to the Payee.
4. Administration reserves the right to modify the existing rates for the Services.
5. By paying for the Services the Client fully accepts the cost and terms of usage.


1. The balance of cancelled account(s) is not refundable.
2. Payments are not refundable.
3. Content downloaded is not the actual content requested

The use of any Mobile Medium

1. The Client may use mobile medium at access the web Site's Services. The Client is fully responsible for using any mobile medium as well as for any expenses related to the use of the Site (internet traffic, software etc.)
2. The Site Administration is not responsible for the quality of the Client's internet connection therefore declines all responsibility for any financial losses or damage caused by the internet connection or provider problems.


1. All materials presented on this site are available for the distribution over the Internet for personal use only. Further distribution, resale or broadcasting is strictly prohibited.
2. The Site repays service fees for every service in accordance with the license agreement.
3. All trademarks, trade names, company names, slogans, logos, and any other copyright items, which can be seen on the Site pages in various contexts, are the property of Scoopms.com. You have no right to copy, distribute or use them without written permission from us.
4. The Site Administration cannot control actions of each Client therefore the Client is responsible for any illegitimate use of the Site's materials or/and Services.


1. Site's Administration is not responsible for any interruptions in the Site manoeuvre.
2. Site's Administration is responsible for the quality or/and contents of the Files which are being provided access to.
3. The Client is responsible for keeping his password and login information safe. In case of authorized access by third parties to the Client's account, the Client is responsible for any actions made by the third parties using Client's account.
4. The Client is responsible for viewing any materials (including Files) from the Site.

Other conditions

1. The Administration of the Site reserves the right to change, amend, and supplement this Agreement on an occasional basis. Administration shall undertake to notify you of all changes to the present Agreement. In the event that you disagree with any clause of the amended Agreement, you should terminate your registration on the Site immediately and refrain from using it.
2. The Client should not use data received from the Site for any illegal purposes. The Site Administration shall not be held liable for the possible use of information received from the Site for any purposes prohibited by legislation or infringing copyright. The users are personally responsible for any unlawful or unauthorized use of any content of the Site.